Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Ray's Ramblings - November 2016 BLOG POST


Hello Everyone;

   I might pick up the BLOG again....  It's a fun way to stay connected and share a laugh.  I stopped mainly because I wasn't getting any replies.  The emails produced more comments and I enjoyed reading them. 

   But we'll give the BLOG POST another shot.  We'll see how it goes. 


 " Little Hillary" just experienced "Partial Birth Election."
   She was almost through the "Birth Canal" of the election.  She was fully developed.  Alive, healthy and ready any moment to be "born" as president.

   She could see the lights and hear the sounds.  There was excitement in the air.  Pride was swelling in peoples hearts.  Our FIRST GIRL was ready to be born as president.

   The "Doctors" were ready to deliver her.  They had taken every safeguard to ENSURE a smooth birthing process.  Hillary was their pride and joy.  The LONG awaited one.  The one who would bring hope and happiness into all our lives.

   It had been a long and painful labor.  But now, the time had come.  She had gone full term.  "Little Hillary" was ready to be born as president.

   But then something happened....

   "Little Hillary" became the victim of "Partial Birth Election."  At the last moment, her presidential birth had been aborted.

   She was devastated.  Those close to her were in shock.  Horror and panic filled the room.  There was uncontrolled weeping.  Their hopes and dreams were now shattered.

   The unthinkable had just happened.  What was to be a certain and seamless presidential birth was aborted.  Killed at the last minute. 

   For her loyal supporters... a tragedy like they have never experienced.  And for Hillary... SO CLOSE...  a victim of "Partial Birth Election." 

Thanks and we'll talk more later;

Lanny Ray



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